3120 RF Tube Sealer for PVC, EVA, Urethane & Nylon

Vante 3120 RF welder is ideal for sealing medium and large PVC, EVA, Urethane and some nylon tubes
  • Seals PVC, EVA, Urethane and some Nylon tubes
  • Seals tubes from 1/4" OD up to 1" OD
  • Handheld and with remote control
  • Ergonomic design and user-friendly
Product Number:VANTE_SEAL-3120

Vante’s welders and sealers are one of the market leaders in welding and sealing technology. With Vante’s innovative and wide range, we cover most needs.

Vante is part of Machine Solution, which is a family of companies including Sebra and Vante Biopharm, which produces and develops welding and sealing devices for the biopharm, pharma and blood and plasma industries.
0.250" - 1" O.D.
Tube types
PVC, EVA, Urethane, Nylon

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