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Alflow sells a wide range of gaskets and O-rings in various materials and designs for the pharmaceutical, chemical, processing and food industries.

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Gaskets & O-rings Alflow sells a wide range of gaskets and O-rings in various materials and designs for the pharmaceutical, chemical, processing and food industries. See the selection of gaskets and O-rings from leading manufacturers on this site. What are gaskets and O-rings? Gaskets and O-rings are used for sealing both fixed and moveable parts in process systems, for example in pumps and valves. Our spare parts offer the highest standards for surface quality, durability and purity, whether for the pharmaceutical, chemical, process or food industries. Find the right gaskets and O-rings for your application Our gaskets and O-rings are suitable for a wide range of processes in the pharmaceutical, chemical, processing and food industries. The range includes gaskets and O-rings in, e.g., NBR, EPDM, SIL, FKM, TUF steel, platinum-cured silicone and PTFE - as well as: • Tri-Clamp gaskets • O-rings • Orifice plates • Snap-on gaskets • Etc. We have a wide range of Tri-Clamp gaskets with filters. The Tri-Clamp gaskets are made from unique compound compositions - for example EPDM with low extractable. Our Steam-Flon gaskets are recognised as a new concept for SIP in the biopharmaceutical industry Steam-Flon has identical properties to Tuf-steel, but is manufactured to DIN32676 and ISO1127 The unique features prevent downtime in high-quality system applications, and with their unique 50/50 blend of PTFE and 316L stainless steel, Steam-Flon is a durable seal, which is now available in DIN32676. Tuf-Steel gaskets are made of a composite material which is a combination of PTFE and AISI316L. Tuf-Steel gaskets are particularly suitable for steam applications including SIP/CIP. The gaskets have an extremely good chemical resistance and are passivated to eliminate blush. The Tri-Bond gaskets for Tri-Clamp are PTFE gaskets with a core of EPDM or FKM. Tri-Bond is a combination of the best materials: PTFE and an elastomer core, which ensures a flexible gasket - and they are therefore some of our best pharmaceutical gaskets. Our Snap-on gaskets for Tri-Clamp have a plastic ring on the outside, which ensures that the gasket doesn’t leak when tightening. This ensures that the clamp cannot be overtightened and damage the gasket even at high torque. Snap-on also ensures that it cannot be fastened together crookedly as it controls the assembly. The snap-on gaskets are available in EPDM and silicone. Our O-rings for aseptic flanges DIN11864 can be supplied in EPDM, FKM, PTFE, TUF-Steel, FEP encapsulated FKM and platinum-cured silicone. The O-rings have built-in over-compression protection, so that breakage of the gasket material inside the pipe is reduced to an absolute minimum. DIN 11864 O-rings are available for couplings, bolted flanges and Tri-Clamp. Orifice plates used to alter flow patterns in critical systems. Orifice plates are made in 316L stainless steel and are electropolished as standard. An orifice plate is a thin disc with a hole in it, which is usually placed in a pipe. When a fluid passes through the opening, its pressure builds up slightly upstream of the opening, but as the fluid is forced to pass through the hole, the velocity increases and the fluid pressure decreases downstream. The hole can be positioned in the centre or eccentrically for self-draining capabilities. Each orifice plate has a high-performance gasket made of either PTFE, EPDM, platinum-cured silicone or FKM.
Our Smart Gasket is ideal for validation processes, as the gasket is designed with one or more ports for sensors for thermal mapping and temperature measurements. This smart gasket is twice as thick as a standard gasket, and it is available in variants with 1-4 ports for sensors. Our smart gaskets are available in EPDM, silicone and FKM fluoroelastomer. Purchase gaskets and O-rings from Alflow We pride ourselves on ensuring you a good experience at Alflow. Therefore, on this site you can find gaskets and O-rings of the highest quality from reputable manufacturers. This means that our gaskets and O-rings meet the requirements of the various industries in terms of use, hygiene, environment and serviceability. This means that all our gaskets and O-rings are type approved and produced in appropriate materials, such as stainless steel, PTFE, EPDM, FKM fluoroelastomer and silicone. That's why all our gaskets and O-rings are extremely durable. That way, you can count on getting good performance with our gaskets and O-rings. Our spare parts can be delivered with full documentation, and there is full traceability with batch numbers on all packaging. For example, certificates such as: • FDA • USP Class VI • ASME BPE • 1935/2004 • and many more At Alflow, we have over 20 years of experience in processes, applications and components in sectors such as the food, dairy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Therefore, if you need gaskets and O-rings for your process systems, you can find them at Alflow. Want to know more? Then our specialists are ready to help you find the right gaskets and O-rings, so we work together to find the best match for your application. You can easily contact us here on the site. See our other products as well Do you or your customers need other components for your processes? Then you can explore the range of process equipment. At Alflow you can find, e.g.: • Pumps • Valves • Mixers • Hoses • Heat exchangers • Etc. Therefore, we have process equipment for several purposes, and you can find it at Alflow. We are a recognised supplier of high-quality products. At Alflow, we comply with current requirements and standards within several industries. This way, you and your customers are ensured of an efficient and optimal experience with our products. We always seek to find the match that creates most value for your application, so that we can contribute to a greater return on your production through less maintenance and downtime. If we can achieve this together, we will live up to our goal of being the partner that creates value for you.