How customer achieved 7 times shorter delivery time!

Industrial customer

In this case, we look at how we shortened the delivery time for a customer - from 3 weeks to just 3 days.

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Case information
Client Industrial customer
Industry Industry
Customer since 2020
Country Denmark

Industrial customer


Our Area Sales Manager was visiting a new customer who produces composite materials. They said that they had problems with having to wait 3 weeks for hoses with connections, which had to be custom made as the hoses needed to fit into their production.


When they heard that we could do the same thing in just 3 days - and even at a really good price - they placed the order with us.

And more have come since ...

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If you also have problems with long delivery times on hoses with connections, then it might be an idea to switch to our hoses. Contact us if you would like to find out more about the case or our metal hoses with couplings from Euroflon.
Silvia Roma Bentin
Internal Technical Sales