Optimisation of spare parts and less critical downtime

Manufacturer of semi-finished products for the food industry

In this case, we take a closer look at a customer who, due to high demand, wanted to expand their production facilities while at the same time wanting to avoid the need for too many different pumps.

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Case information
Client Industrial customer
Industry Industry
Customer since 2011
Country Denmark

Manufacturer of semi-finished products for the food industry


The customer produces e.g. semi-finished products for the food industry.

Due to a high demand for the company's products, the customer wants to increase their production capacity by constructing additional production facilities with associated pumps.


While taking into consideration which pumps the customer has running at existing facilities combined with the requirements for the new plant, Alflow was able to solve the task by offering modern Mag-Drive pumps. The building dimensions of the pumps make it possible to use the pumps for joint tasks between the existing, older production plant and the new. This results in fewer different types of pumps, but larger numbers of the same model.

This has resulted in optimisation of spare parts and less critical downtime as well as great security for the customer.

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