This is how Egetæpper achieved more homogeneous agitation and avoided sediment in the tank


In this case, we look at how we helped Egetæpper achieve more efficient agitation, so that they now avoid settled residual product in the tank, which cannot be pumped away.

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Client Egetæpper
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Country Denmark



Egetæpper wanted an agitator that was intended to be submersed into the product.


They had already tested an agitator from another supplier, but the medium was so aggressive that it destroyed the gaskets, so that the product flowed back and burned out the engine.


Therefore, we mounted an agitator where the motor and gear were outside the tank and only the propeller and shaft were in contact with the medium.


As a result, they have now achieved more efficient agitation and eliminated their risk of breakdown and of the product entering the engine and gear unit.


And it has been such an effective solution that they now also avoid any kind of deposits and residual product that cannot be pumped away.


In fact, they were so satisfied with the result that they ordered one more agitator for another production line.


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