The right pump for the task

Industrial customer

In this case, we look at how we helped a customer find a replacement for their old pumps that should also be able to solve new tasks and perhaps benefit the customer financially.

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Case information
Client Industrial customer
Industry Industry
Customer since 2009
Country Denmark

Industrial customer


For many years, we have supplied equipment to this customer, where quality and low downtime have been the alpha and omega. However, we can no longer supply the pump we previously supplied to them, and we therefore had to find a new pump that could replace the old one. In addition, as a new application had arrived at the plants, it was a perfect opportunity to install and test the new brand of pump.
We hope in the long run and after testing that the new pumps run impeccably, and that we possibly can implement these models in other existing processes.


Following the phasing out of our previous supplier, we found a new Italian supplier of plastic pumps, which could be a replacement and switching to this new pump could perhaps even benefit the customer financially. The pump of choice ended up being GemmeCotti, and so far there has been positive feedback on this new pump.

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Jørgen Q. Tran
Internal Technical Sales