2D Aramus Single-use Bags

The ARAMUS bag from Entegris is a new generation of single-use bags. The world's first and only single-layer gamma-stable fluoropolymer bag.
  • The world's first and only gamma-stable fluoropolymer bag
  • Ideal for ultra low-temperature applications - Approved down to -150°C vapour phase
  • Due to the material, extremely high cleanliness is ensured and thus the best conditions for your product
  • Flexibility - Ideal for both upstream and downstream applications, facilitating validation work
  • Reduces the risk of "sticking" and absorption, as the bag’s material is naturally inert
  • Risk of de-lamination is eliminated as the bag is 1-layer
  • ISO 5 cleanroom produced and packaged

Entegris' many years of experience and flexible approach to tasks make it easy to adapt their products to your applications, optimise processes and create value for you.

Entegris is a pioneer in life-science innovation and is globally represented. Their many years of experience and flexible design approach ensure our customers a solution that fits exactly to their task and needs.
20 ml - 50 L
-85°C - 40°C


Our 2D Aramus Single-use bags from Entegris come supplied with a comprehensive documentation package that e.g. contains the following certificates.

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USP Class VI
Extractable & Leachable Data
Gamma Irradiation & Sterility Assurance Level SAL 10-6
Produced in min. ISO Class 7 Cleanroom
TSE/BSE Statements

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Watch the video with the performance of the 2D Aramus bag under ultra low temperature in a test against standard polyethylene and polyolefin film.

In the video you will be given an insight into Entregris' unique 2D Aramus single-use bag tested under extremely low temperatures. In the video, the Aramus bag is tested together with standard polyethylene and polyolefin film, where it is clear that the Aramus bag performs better under extreme temperatures. A high quality, gamma-stable fluoropolymer film ensures higher purity and greater reliability. Aramus assemblies provide greater safety and performance with gamma-stable fluoropolymer film in 1 layer and with a wide range of temperatures, where the bag performs for universal applications.

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