Powder-handling bags

FlowLinX powder-handling bags are designed for powder handling to ensure a closed system during, for example, powder supply to a tank. The bags are available with a 3” or 4” sanitary Tri-clamp and an optional flush line for maximum drainage of powder.
  • 3" and 4" sanitary flange
  • Manufactured in an ISO 7 cleanroom
  • Sterilizable by gamma irradiation
  • Full traceability

FlowLinX is part of the Carolina Components Group, which has more than 200 years of combined experience in the market for high-purity single-use components and solutions.

Carolina Components Group provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with unique flow solutions that meet or exceed their stringent standards for quality, purity, safety and efficiency.
5 L - 50 L


Our powder-handling bags from FlowLinX are delivered with a comprehensive documentation package, which includes the following certificates.

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Produced in min. ISO Class 7 Cleanroom
TSE/BSE Statements
USP 661
Variant Description Datasheet
F-PB-3TC 3" sanitairy flange, sterile, 5-50 L
F-PB-3TC-S 3" sanitairy flange, non-sterile, 5-10 L
F-PBC-4TC-S 4" sanitairy flange, sterile, 5 L
F-PBCW-4TC-S 4" sanitairy flange, wash line, sterile, 5-25 L

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