Single use bags for autoclaving processes

Single use customer

In this case, you will gain an insight into how we, in collaboration with a single-use customer in the pharmaceutical industry and our supplier Entegris, have designed a specific solution that creates value for them and the process.

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Case information
Client Single-use customer
Industry Biopharma
Customer since 2005
Country Denmark

Single-use customer


The task was to develop a single-use bag design and solution the purpose of which is to store and sterilise the product through a long-term autoclaving process. Until now, there is no such a solution on the single-use market, and since single-use is often manufactured in plastic materials that cannot withstand temperatures above 55-60°C, attention must be paid to the compatibility and composition of the various materials.


The solution was the new generation of single-use bags from Entegris, ARAMUS. The unique 1-layer fluoropolymer bag - with its unique properties and temperature resistance - was a good match for the task. Through close dialogue with the end user, Alflow and Entegris, as well as various tests, together, we have reached a solution, that in practice simplifies production, saves time in everyday life and makes it easier for the operators.

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in the biopharmaceutical industry

Single-use solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Alflow Scandinavia offers a wide range of single-use products and solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

With 25 years of experience and our "one-stop-shop" concept, we deliver high-quality "state-of-the-art" products and solutions for single use to help our customers secure and optimise their valuable single-use processes.

  • 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry
  • One-stop shop - saves time and resources
  • Respected and well-known suppliers
  • Thorough quality and documentation control
  • Local presence - on-site support and service at short notice
  • Extensive storage capacity for daily delivery

“The collaboration with Alflow and Entegris has been good, and both parties have had a quick response and thought outside the box. Together we have found a solution that works! ”



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Silvia Roma Bentin
Internal Technical Sales

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