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How to avoid metal particles in your product!

Who hasn’t experienced the spring in a non-return valve breaking and leaving metal residues in the system thus contaminating the product - or perhaps even damaging other components?


It sounds expensive, so I guess you want to avoid this.


To prevent metal residues in the end product from reaching the customers, it could, of course, be an option to use a metal detector to detect any metal residues in the end product.

However, this doesn’t sound ideal. Then the product is already contaminated and must be discarded. Moreover, neither does it solve the problem of broken components.


With a spring-free check valve, on the other hand, you completely avoid the problem of a broken spring - and thus also metal residues in the system.


The solution

With a spring-free check valve, not only do you prevent the spring from breaking and contaminating your product with metal parts. You also have a valve that is very easy to maintain. The valve has no spring that can break and therefore needs to be replaced.


Instead, it works by means of a magnet that does not come in contact with the product The magnet opens the valve when there is flow, and closes by itself again when the flow stops. This avoids backflow - a problem that often occurs when there are no check valves installed in the system. A check valve thus allows the user to control the flow and flow direction instead of the system controlling the direction.


Our spring-free check valves are available with both Tri-clamp and Wafer, so it is easy to take them out of the system to e.g. autoclave them or change the gaskets, and with a Tri-clamp it is also possible to place the check valve before or after a hose.


The check valve is a very flexible solution, as it can be fitted both horizontally and vertically. This results in a customised solution that is completely in line with the customer’s requirements.


Advantages of the spring-free check valves from Ygros Valves

  • Available with all conceivable elastomers
  • Validated according to FDA and EU legislation
  • Thanks to the magnet, the valve always closes when there is no flow
  • Soft seat - optimal solution for small flows
  • Electropolished surface increases the flow
  • Possibility of other materials (e.g. acid-resistant steel)
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Long service life

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Philip Ellegaard Andersen
Area Sales Manager Food & Beverage
Malene Junker
Internal Technical Sales