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Risk-free leakage test of heat exchangers

Accusense Lækagetest af varmeveksler

The best heat exchanger test on the market

New, revolutionary test method for determining leaks in heat exchangers has now arrived in Denmark.


The method, which through independent trials compared to traditional methods is confirmed to be the best on the market - both in terms of sensitivity and test speed - has become the preferred test method of its kind in the UK.


The patented test system, Accusense, which uses inert helium as a tracer, is completely safe and risk-free to use, as helium is neither toxic, flammable nor corrosive, and it leaves no residual pollution in the system.


Helium also has the second smallest atomic size and is easily detectable and can thus find holes down to 5 micrometers, which makes it possible to find the holes before they become problematic and lead to cross-contamination of the liquids.


This makes it possible to plan and perform preventive maintenance - something that is not possible with traditional test methods.


Efficient, gentle and time-saving

The leak test is performed on-site and with an immediate result. The test quickly shows if there is a hole in a plate and the exchanger does not need to be disassembled beforehand. This means less downtime in production.


The Accusense system is very gentle on the heat exchangers - unlike conventional test methods that use coarser approaches such as high pressure and dye penetrants.


The helium spreads easily and safely, leaving no residue and not loading the plates with potentially harmful, high pressure.


It is the perfect system for non-destructive testing and guarantees full safety while maintaining very high performance and excellent functionality.


A strong service partner

Alflow Scandinavia A/S has entered into a licence agreement with the manufacturer of the Accusense test system and now offers it in Denmark together with a number of other services such as service on pumps, valves and mixers, electropolishing, derouging and passivation.


Our service technician, Søren, has 15 years of experience with service on flow products - including plate heat exchangers - and he is ready to move out to service tasks throughout the country - both in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and process/chemical industry.


Benefits of the Accusense system

  • Fast and time-saving
  • Less downtime
  • On-site test with immediate result
  • Minimizes the risk of cross-contamination
  • Safe in operation
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Helium is neither toxic, flammable nor corrosive
  • Leaves no residual contamination in the system
  • Performed at low pressure - max. 2 bar

Fast, safe and time-saving leakage test of heat exchangers performed using inert helium.

Alflow Scandinavia A/S offers on-site performance of Accusense leakage tests on your equipment.


Our services meet all requirements in relation to the environment, workmanship and the environment, and our patented system, Accusense, finds holes down to 5 micrometers (5/1000 mm).

Are you interested in finding out more?

Contact us if you require help, advice or want to find out more about our patented Accusense system for leakage testing of your heat exchanger.
Philip Ellegaard Andersen
Area Sales Manager Food & Beverage
Jørgen Q. Tran
Product Manager
Søren Povlsen
Service Technician
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