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How to avoid contamination of the product

A clean product starts with clean equipment - equipment, that is designed for sterile applications and isolating the product from the surrounding environment.

Bardiani cluster

In processes where it is important to avoid contamination of the product, aseptic products are particularly suitable, as they ensure production that is completely free from bacteria and other microorganisms.

The aseptic single-seat valve, BBWP, from Bardiani Valvole is developed for sterile applications that require high safety when on/off and changing direction. The TFM gasket guarantees complete isolation of the valve element from the surrounding environment.

The construction of valves made of solid bar steel and the absence of welds ensure high quality of the end product. The surface treatment of the parts that are in contact with the product (less than 0.8 μm) also guarantees that the strictest hygiene standards are observed.

Advantages of the BBWP valve

  • 100% aseptic: ideal for sterile applications thanks to the total insulation of the components that are in contact with the product
  • Maximum hygiene and reliability
  • Robust: valve body made of solid bar steel
  • Easy maintenance without the need to use special tools
  • Flexible: BBWP is replaceable with BBZP single seat valves
  • Maximum versatility thanks to the various configurations available

In processes where the product must be heated, there may be conditions that make it necessary to take special precautions in order to minimise risk factors.

The Pharmaflo exchanger from MBS is made of seamless tubes on the product side that go all the way through the exchanger and terminate in an end plate. Around the product pipes there is a service jacket through which the service medium flows. In this jacket there is an expansion piece to accommodate material expansions. The service jacket is finished with a separate end plate.

This design means that the service medium and the product are not only separated by a single weld. Should a weld fail, no cross-contamination will occur, as service media and product each have their own end plate. This increases product safety, and any leakage in a weld will be visible.

Advantages of the Pharmaflo heat exchanger

  • Uniform heating thanks to corrugated tubes
  • Minimised risk of contamination
  • Particularly suitable for thermal exchange processes of low or medium viscosity pharmaceutical liquids - such as WFI point of use cooling, WFI heating and condensation

There may also be situations where it is necessary to run 2 different products simultaneously in one system - without the products being mixed.

And there may also be a need to take turns running regular cleaning of a part of the system at the same time as running a product in another part.

Here, Mixproof valves can facilitate the process and at the same time ensure that the products are not mixed.

With the B925 Mixproof valve you can run several media and processes at once without the risk of getting them mixed together.

This video shows how the B925 Mixproof valve from Bardiani handles multiple media and processes at the same time.

Advantages of the B925 valve

  • Complete separation of two different products ensures protection against mixing
  • Maximum versatility for different applications and products
  • Easy maintenance without the need to use special tools
  • Maximum hygiene (EHEDG and 3A certified)
  • Robust: made of solid bar steel
  • Balanced seats (upper and lower)
  • Service-friendly actuator
  • CIP-/SIP-bar

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