How to extend the life of your flow equipment!

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Excessive pressure in the process can significantly reduce the life of your instruments.

In addition, too much pressure will have the effect that the process you want cannot be completed or that you’re unable to achieve the expected effect.

It is often necessary with high pressure in the pipe line after a pump, where there are several tapping points, in order to be able to service all tapping points on the pipe line. Most often, the pipe line is also long, so to avoid an excessive loss of pressure, the pressure in the pipe line may be 7 bar, while the pressure at the tapping point, for example, must be 1.6 bar. Here it is so necessary to reduce the pressure before the user "receives" the flow.

Do you also want to avoid too high pressure and thus extend the life of your flow equipment?

Then read on - we have a solution.

The solution

The sanitary pressure regulator from Steriflow Valve, Mark96, is designed to regulate pressure in systems that require maintenance of sanitary conditions.

If the pressure is too great in relation to the setpoint you have preset the MK96 to, then the valve will regulate the pressure down to the desired one.

The advantage of Steriflow's valves is the large diaphragm surface, which makes them better to regulate with. The diaphragms of the other competitors are by comparison only approximately half the size.

Another function is that Steriflow's diaphragms are made of PTFE/Jorlon, where other manufacturers' membranes are made of rubber/PTFE - i.e. a composite material that has a significantly shorter service life.

Steriflow actually provides a "lifetime warranty" on their Jorlon diaphragms, which means that as long as the diaphragm operates within the pressure conditions in accordance with Steriflow's specifications, it will be replaced free of charge by Steriflow.

This warranty applies to all Steriflow valves with Jorlon diaphragm.


In the video here you can hear the Product & Sales Manager at Steriflow Valve, Karl J. Lutkewitte, talk about the sanitary pressure regulator, Mark96.

Advantages of the Mark96 pressure-reducing valve

  • Jorlon membrane - lifetime guarantee
  • valve body in 100% 316L bar steel - no wetted parts made from castings
  • Best accuracy (least droop/setpoint offset) in the industry
  • No guiding surfaces in the fluid - minimizes particulate generation
  • Manual CIP pin allows the user to see the regulator in full open position during rinse/CIP/rinse cycle

Would you like to find out more?

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Malene Junker
Internal Technical Sales