This is how you save a lot of money!

You surely recognise this.


The pump breaks down and the motor needs to be repaired or replaced.


After the pump has been repaired, the system must be cleaned-in place (CIP) to avoid cross-contamination.


All this takes time.


And we know very well that time is money.


But what if you can get started quicker and avoid having to run CIP after a breakdown and thus save both time and money?


Less downtime

With the CS pump from CSF, you get a pump that is quick and easy to service.


In the event of a motor breakdown, the motor can be replaced without the pump having to be taken out of the process.


This results in shorter breakdowns, and as there is no need to open up into the product, subsequent CIP is not required.


All this means that you are up and running again more quickly after a breakdown.


And the shorter the downtime, the more money you save!

CSX sezionata_1000x1000

Longer service life

The CS pump is equipped with bearing supports at the impeller.


The extra bearing support gives both pump and motor longer life, as the pump does not rest on the motor bearings.


And the longer service life means fewer production stops.


The CS pump is generally a robust pump, as it has a fully cast pump head without welds.


In addition, it is fitted with a standard IEC motor, which means that it is both easy and cheap to replace the motor.


The CS pump also has a very low NPSH value, which can even be further reduced with an inducer.


This reduces the risk of cavitation, which gives vibrations, resonance and ultimately shorter life of the pump.



CS inducer_700x1000

Less stock tie-up

The CS pump is modular, so that the individual parts fit together over the product line.


This means that the same spare parts can be used for the different models, and this results in less stock tie-up, as fewer spare parts are needed.


The pump head can be modified to better fit your application.


The pump head is also equipped with a Tri-clamp.


All in all, this provides a more flexible pump that is easier to install.



  • Less downtime
  • Longer service life
  • Modular
  • Less stock tie-up
  • Flexible
  • Easy installation
  • High performance
  • Service friendly
  • Very low NPSH

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Philip Ellegaard Andersen
Area Sales Manager Food & Beverage
Rasmus Lundby
Technical Manager
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Product Manager

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