Pass-through system

Flexible silicone pass-through system that allows the tube to move despite temperature differences. Ensures that no moisture runs into the wall or from floor to floor.
  • Mounted without any other seal
  • 100% tight
  • High temperature resistance
  • Unique lip seal that sucks onto the wall
  • Cleanroom tested
Product Number:PIPETITE

The Pipetite pass-through system from Lake Products forms a flexible and hygienic seal that allows tubes to move without breaking the seal.

Lake Products has been supplying pass-through systems to companies worldwide since 1992.
0-180 mm


This pass-through system can be delivered with a documentation package that i.a. contains the following certificates. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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The pass-through system from CSI Design is available in several different sizes. Feel free to contact us for help with choosing the right pass-through system.
Rasmus Lundby
Technical Manager
Conni Gram Sønderskov
Internal Technical Sales


Pipetite fits around a tube and attaches to the wall or ceiling. Pipetite forms a flexible seal that allows the tube to move without cracking. No use of seal. Watch this video to see what benefits Pipetite has and how it is adapted and installed.

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