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MARK978 Inline Flow Regulation Valve

MARK978 INLINE is designed to meet the stringent specifications of sterile processes. The valve is manufactured according to ASME BPE guidelines, which makes it ideal for regulating a variety of liquids and different gases.
  • Sanitary flow control valve from Steriflow
  • Superb for regulating clean air or gas, buffer, WFI, acid, steam, USP clean water and SIP/CIP processes in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries as well as a range of applications in the cosmetics, food and distillery industries
  • Equipped as standard with the JORLON diaphragm, which is a reinforced modified PTFE with FDA and USP Class VI approval
  • Also contributes to reduced costs as well as reduced maintenance and service time. This is due to the extra-wide JORLON diaphragm, which ensures fast and precise regulation
  • A LIFETIME GUARANTEE is provided on the JORLON diaphragm, which means that you can return at any time, should it happen against expectations that the diaphragm fails
  • The valve is drainable in all positions, ensuring that there is no accumulation of excess media. The unique shutter design ensures long life and low maintenance costs, as the travel from open to closed position is significantly shorter than with similar control valves
  • The shutter is guided by PEEK bushings, which ensure precise regulation and at the same time make it more resistant to any vibrations and pressure shocks
Product Number:STERIFLOW_MARK978

Steriflow Valve is a leading manufacturer and supplier of, among other things, pressure regulators, control valves and drain valve.

Steriflow has been producing valves for the pharmaceutical industry all over the world since 1988 and has a wide range of valve types for many tasks with regulation of WFI, run steam, gases, etc.
Surface roughness
Down to Ra <0.4 .m
DN15 - DN80


This flow control valve can be delivered with a documentation package that i.a. contains the following certificates. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

USP Class VI


Variant Description Datasheet
MK978 Medium-high flow, Jorlon diaphragm
MK978JD Medium-high flow, Jorlon diaphragm
MK978LF Low flow, Jorlon diaphragm/O-ring
MK978OR Medium-high flow, O-ring

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