How to avoid long downtime during maintenance!

You surely recognise this.


A pump breaks down and needs to be replaced. Or a valve requires a new gasket.


Whatever it is that breaks down and needs to be repaired or replaced, it will take time - and time is money, because when the system is at a standstill, you lose important production time.


Fortunately, there are some solutions to this problem.

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Maintenance-free products

You can choose to invest in long-lasting and (almost) maintenance-free components.


Our magnetic check valves from Ygros Valves are virtually maintenance-free.


The check valve is designed without a spring, but is instead controlled by a magnet.


Thus, the valve has fewer wear parts and requires less maintenance.


And it’s easy to disassemble and reassemble.



Easy and fast maintenance

You can also choose components that are easy to service, so that downtime is reduced as much as possible.


The B925 mixproof valve from Bardiani Valvole is distinguished by the fact that it is quick and easy to disassemble and reassemble - completely without the use of special tools.


And then there is also a detailed guide with the gasket kit, so it’s easy to perform maintenance on the valve.


Components that can be maintained directly in the process line

There is also a range of components that can be serviced and repaired without having to be removed from the process line


For example, the CSF Inox CS centrifugal pump is equipped with bearing support at the impeller, so that the pump does not rest on the motor’s bearings. This means that the motor can be replaced without having to pull the pump out of the system.


This saves both CIP and production time.


Preventive maintenance/service

In addition, it is of course important to carry out service inspections of the systems at regular intervals, in order to intercept a fault before it becomes critical.


With our patented Accusense helium leakage test, it is possible to find holes all the way down to 5 micrometres. This makes it possible to find the holes before they become problematic.


This allows us to plan and perform preventive maintenance.


And it takes much less time than traditional leakage tests.

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