How to avoid high pulsation and high shear!

Do you want to avoid high pulsation and high shear in your product transfer?


And do you need a single-use pump that is very gentle and - unlike a hose pump - does not generate any particles?


A hose pump pumps the medium by pressing on the hose. This creates pulsations and wear on the hose, which can thus release particles to your product.


With a single-use pump from Quattroflow, you avoid this, as it operates on a completely different principle.


The pump operates by means of four diaphragms driven one by one by a connecting plate which moves back and forth in and out of its central position in a movement generated by an eccentric shaft.


The four pump chambers, which actually function in the same way as the human heart, allow the product flow to move constantly forward in a volumetric, uniform manner that provides low shear and low pulsation.


The low pulsation provides a uniform flow, which can be an advantage in relation to filtration, regulation and flow measurement.


The use of single-use technologies is a major trend in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology market thanks to the growing development of biologically derived medicines.


To maximize the commercial window for these medicines, manufacturers must overcome the speed-to-market challenges without too much downtime. Single-use pumps are an exciting technology that help to optimise product development time, while offering manufacturers several benefits, such as eliminating cross-contamination of batches, lower cleaning and sterilisation costs, and faster validation of their pumps.


Quattroflow single-use pumps are equipped with a product-moistened plastic pump chamber that can be replaced as a complete unit for single use.


A single-use pump chamber can be replaced in less than a minute, and this simple feature provides a faster production process while saving time and money because the need for complex sterilisation and cleaning validation is eliminated. Thus, single-use pumps reduce the downtime between two batches.


With Quattroflow single-use pumps, you also achieve the required product purity and sterility, eliminating the risk of damaging the product and reducing the risk of costly contamination across batches or across products.



The single-use pumps from Quattroflow have a number of advantages, including:

  • Low pulsation ensures gentle treatment of the product
  • No particle generation as it does not pump on hoses
  • High turndown provides flexibility - The pump has a wide working range
  • Linear flow curve in relation to pressure ensures a stable and precise flow, even if the pressure is increased by e.g. filtration
  • Self-priming and withstands dry-running
  • Compact design reduces footprint
  • Single-use pump head that can also be incorporated into a single-use manifold

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Silvia Roma Bentin
Internal Technical Sales
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