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The ISO 14644 Class 7 cleanroom classification signifies a controlled environment where stringent air purity standards are maintained. Specifically, this classification allows a maximum of 352,000 particles at 0.5 micrometers or larger and 2930 at 5 mymeters per cubic meter of air. Such an environment is crucial for the sensitive processes involved in the life-science industry, particularly in the manufacturing of single-use assemblies where even the smallest contaminants can have significant implications.

Assembly, packing, and inspection

Within this cleanroom, we carry out the assembly, packing, and inspection of our single-use assemblies. The entire process is conducted in an environment that significantly reduces the risk of contamination, ensuring that the products meet the high standards required for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical applications. This meticulous approach to assembly and packing in a controlled environment highlights our commitment to quality and patient safety.

Training and procedures

The cleanroom personnel is specially trained in cleanroom protocols and procedures, ensuring that every step of the assembly and packing process is performed with the utmost precision and care.

The combination of a state-of-the-art facility and highly skilled personnel enables us to provide you with products of unparalleled quality.

Thorough quality control

In addition to the physical environment, our cleanroom operations are supported by robust quality control systems. These systems ensure consistent and reliable production processes, from the initial assembly to the final inspection of the single-use assemblies.

Standards and requirements

Embarking on the journey of establishing a cleanroom requires more than just physical space. It's about understanding and complying with specific grades and requirements that dictate everything from air filtration to employee protocols. For companies venturing into this field, knowledge of these standards is not just beneficial; it's crucial. This foundational step ensures that the cleanroom environment is primed for the high-stakes tasks it will undertake.

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Selecting the right suppliers for our cleanroom

The quest for perfection in a cleanroom begins with choosing the right suppliers. This decision isn't trivial; it's a critical element that can dictate the success or failure of the entire operation. Suppliers in the life-science industry must not only provide high-quality materials but also understand and align with the stringent requirements of cleanroom operations such as USP Class VI and industry specific test methods. The right partnership can elevate a cleanroom from good to great.


These relationships go beyond transactional interactions; they are partnerships that foster a shared commitment to quality. For us, choosing suppliers who can provide consistent, high-quality components is crucial for maintaining a seamless supply chain and uncompromised product quality.


Personnel training – the backbone of cleanroom expertise

The heart of any cleanroom operation beats within its personnel. Training employees for optimal cleanroom operations is an investment that pays dividends in quality and efficiency. This training goes beyond basic procedures, imbuing staff with an understanding of the why and how of each task they perform. Well-trained personnel are not just workers; they are guardians of the cleanroom's integrity.


Designing for success: Collaborative product drawings and custom solutions

At Alflow, the creation of product drawings is not just a technical task; it's a collaborative endeavor that involves a deep understanding of the customer's needs and processes. This collaboration is a critical bridge between our expertise and the unique requirements of each customer, ensuring that the end product is not just a component, but a tailored solution.


Extended quality control – before, during and after

Before a single component enters the cleanroom, a rigorous quality control process must be in place. This preemptive approach to quality control acts as the first line of defense against potential issues. By implementing advanced strategies for quality assurance, we ensure that only components meeting the highest standards make it to the assembly phase.


Adhering to certifications: Upholding industry standards

Certification in the cleanroom environment is not just about compliance; it's about upholding a gold standard in operations. Adhering to certifications like ISO 14644 Class 7, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO9001 is a testament to a company's dedication to excellence. These certifications require stringent adherence to quality control, documentation, and process validation, ensuring that we meet industry benchmarks.

The management of a cleanroom facility involves a complex navigation of regulatory requirements. These regulations, often stringent and evolving, dictate everything from construction materials to staff training. For us, staying abreast of these regulations and integrating them into daily operations is crucial. It ensures not just compliance but a commitment to operational excellence and patient safety in the life-science industry.

The design of a cleanroom plays a pivotal role in its overall function and efficiency. Factors like air flow, room layout, and material selection directly impact the quality assurance process. A well-designed cleanroom allows for optimal operation while minimizing contamination risks. For us, ensuring that the design aligns with both operational needs and regulatory requirements is key to maintaining the highest standards of quality.

The cleanroom environment is one of continuous improvement, embracing technological advances and process innovations. For us, this means regularly reviewing and updating procedures, investing in new technologies, and training staff in the latest cleanroom practices.

The future of cleanroom technology in the life-science industry is bright, with ongoing advancements in technology and processes. We are at the forefront of this evolution, continuously adapting and improving our cleanroom operations. The commitment to quality, safety, and innovation ensures that the life-science industry will continue to thrive, with cleanroom technology playing a pivotal role in its growth and success.

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